Restock Partnership Program

Welcome to the Restock Partner Program. This is a great way to earn additional income with affiliate marketing by promoting Restock through any marketing channels. You can earn up to $1,000 annually for every entrepreneur you refer.

In short, this program has 3 stages:

  1. Join Program and get your referral link
  2. Share Link on social media, blog posts, client database, etc.
  3. Get Rewarded for promoting Subify per each installation and in-app payment

What are the benefits of joining our Partner program?

One of the best affiliate programs to make money online, you can earn up to $1,400 annually on all the referrals you make. Commissions last forever as long as the user remains subscribed.

You can get $15 per each successful installation on acceptable Shopify stores (Terms and Conditions Must Apply) and a 20% revenue share per month on every transaction made by the user you referred.


How can I start earning?

Our partnership program is currently available on the Shoffi platform.

Once you have signed up for the Shoffi Partner Program here, you will be provided with a referral link through which your audience can sign-up. By sharing this link on social media, blog, or any other channel you can spread the word about Restock Alerts and generate an income for yourself. 


How are the payment cycles?

In the Restock partnership program, All cash-outs are available at the end of each month through PayPal. Also, installation reward will be available 30 days after the installation. You can read about Shopify billing cycles here.

Have more questions?

Please don’t hesitate to let us know.
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