How to Write SEO Product Descriptions that Sell?

SEO product descriptions

SEO product descriptions are one of the most crucial parts of any eCommerce business. They are a great way to inform potential customers about your brand and convince them that your product is the solution they are looking for.

This can help to discriminate the products of a business from similar products produced by other companies. Therefore, you need to have the right product descriptions to boost your sales.

Adding some creativity and enthusiasm to your descriptions can make your products more appealing and more likely to convert into actual sales.

Also, there are extra benefits to optimizing product descriptions for search engines to make your products more discoverable which can bring more traffic and a better conversion rate to your store.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most simple yet important practices to make compelling SEO-friendly product descriptions for your customers.

(If you don’t know how to write a good product description, read this post first.)

7 Tips for Writing SEO Product Descriptions

Choose keywords wisely

Keywords are one of the most important parts of SEO which every online business take advantage of to reach their digital marketing goals. Obviously, they are not the only element to consider for SEO but the effectiveness and necessity of keywords make them a key to enriching SEO.

They actually help search engines realize what your products or services are about, and help customers discover them more easily.

You need to do keyword research to find the kinds of keywords that can help your product rank better on search engines.

Start searching common keywords first. Then, you can find unique ones for your specific products to highlight their features. Also, you can use both short-tail and long-tail keywords in your SEO product description.

In general, short-tail keywords are single words while long-tail keywords include a combination of words to add details to the main keyword.

Try to find keywords with high search volumes and low competition to get more traffic and grow your sale.

Keep your content unique

Unique content plays an important role in SERP rankings since search engines favor unique content and penalize websites for publishing duplicate content.

This is mainly because search engines like Google want to show users the best search results. So, they have developed complex algorithms to detect high-quality content and get them the top results.

Conversely, Google makes adjustments to the indexing and ranking of websites that try to cheat the algorithm by duplicating content to rank higher in search results.

Try creating fresh original descriptions that best describe your products and make them look enticing to your customers.

Write compelling page titles and meta descriptions

Title and meta description provides an overview of a webpage on search results which can help users know the content before clicking on it.

So, they are quite important items for grabbing people’s attention and also important factors to rank in the search results.

In other words, title and meta descriptions are a good way to attract users in search results and drive more traffic to your website simply by being unique and having an appropriate length.

Remember your product title and meta description should be simple and clear so users know what you offer. However, you should not overwhelm them with unimportant details or they will lose interest.

Hence, your titles and descriptions should represent your product in a way that can meet your customer’s needs and make them interested in your products.

Use alt tags for product images

Alt texts known as alt tags are alternative texts that describe the images. They are important for boosting accessibility and helping search engines to crawl and rank your website better which can lead to higher traffic and LTV.

To make great product images, keep these tips in mind:

  • Alt texts should be simple and to the point containing the keywords
  • Name your image files correctly to help Google understand what your images are about which can rank get them on top of search results.
  • Use JPG for your product images which can provide a balance between size and quality.
  • Keep your images as small as possible without reducing their quality. It is recommended to keep them below 100KB.
  • Choose images that are appropriate to the features and attributes of your products.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Google is pretty smart nowadays, and it can spot keyword stuffing pretty quickly. Using keywords excessively on your website can drop your ranking in search results and turn away your customers.

In addition to delivering a negative user experience, keyword stuffing can make your website vulnerable to Google penalties.

Once your site gets penalized, it is extremely difficult to return to the top of search engine results.

Try using natural phrases in your SEO product descriptions and avoid stuffing keywords in them. Make sure the keyword density is between 1-2% or 1-2 times per 100 words.

Optimize the product description length

To be honest, there is no single best length that works for every product. You should know that the length of your SEO product descriptions should be determined by your audience’s needs which may differ based on their level of awareness.

The less they know about the product, the more information you should add to your product description to persuade them of its value.

If you want to make your product description successful, you should make sure to eliminate any potential obstacles in your customer’s path to purchase your products and more importantly, make them understand why you believe in your product.

Highlight product values

SEO descriptions should go beyond describing the product’s features and need to grab customers’ attention by showing how the product can benefit your customers.

It’s important to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about how your product can solve their problems.

Therefore, customers who read a compelling description are more likely to click through which tells search engines the product is valuable and matches their search intent.


SEO plays a key role in growing brand awareness. Today, businesses need to properly market themselves to be successful in this competitive business world.

You can raise the chances of being discoverable by writing SEO-focused descriptions for your products. Effective SEO product descriptions, enough quality keywords, relevant unique content, and essential SEO tags can get you more traffic and grow the revenue for your online store.

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