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Updated: May 22

6 months ago, we published our second app, RightCopy.

This app helps Shopify store owners to have product descriptions in seconds and save hours.

RightCopy uses the title and the image of a product to generate different forms of description. The descriptions are unique, accurate, and fresh.

After 6 months, we want to take a look at some RightCopy Statistics.

Total product count: 2,288,231

Almost as many as the number of Amazon's electronics products.

Total descriptions done: 26,009

More than 50 copywriters should work constantly for a month to write this number of descriptions which would cost merchants about 200 thousand dollars. But we made this totally free.

Imagine if we wanted to write each description on paper and put those on top of each other. That would make a piece of paper 30 cm taller than Yao Ming, the legendary NBA Basketball player.

Total app installs: 3741

This is about 6 times more than Bangladesh's e-commerce sites.

RightCopy Merchants are from 87 Countries:

As many as the total number of countries in Europe, North America, and Australia.

Our AI engine learned writing descriptions from 1,000,000 Shopify store written descriptions.

If a person reads 8 hours each day it would take them 3 years to read that many descriptions. No Sundays or Christmas holidays! What kind of nerd would do that?

Join other Shopify Merchants and try RightCopy right now!

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