How to write a good Product Description + Examples

Product Description, Product image, and product title can affect a Customer’s decision to buy a product.

Product description provides a better user experience and better cognitive involvement and contributes to your store’s credibility.

But, how can you write a great product description that sells? If you want to know, pay attention to the following tips:

1. Who is going to read that?

The first thing you have to consider is to know your customer persona. Who is going to read this description and decide to buy your product or not? How old are they? What do they do?


The excellent product descriptions address your target audience directly and personally. If your shop targets a niche market, you already know how important it is to focus on your core audience and speak their language.

example of a good product description

2. Focus on Product Benefits, Not product features

As a business owner, you are excited to share all of the qualities of your product. You want to show that your product has many features and unique specs.

The buyer, however, is not necessarily interested in the mundane features of the product. Instead, they want to know how it can benefit them.

Focus on Product Benefits, Not product features

3. Focus on specific Words

Sometimes only one word can change a customer’s willingness to buy a product. Pay attention to specific keywords. For example, if you work in Healthcare and beauty industry, some keywords like Organic, Fruit, Weight loss, Supplement, and mix can increase a customer’s desire to buy your product.

4. Get technical to win trust when needed.

Don’t be afraid to get in the weeds with your product description if you have a more technical product. Prove to your customer your brand’s expertise in the industry by providing all possible details they’d need to know before asking.

5. Write sentences that can sell

Don’t forget that the main reason to write a description for your product is to increase sales. A good product description provides better platform involvement and product involvement, but all of them lead to more willingness to buy that product.

example of a good product description

6. Make your product descriptions scannable.

Your product description should be easy to read. Having two sentences describing the product with several bullet points allows customers to receive the information quickly and to purchase immediately. If you sell laptops, you’ll want to turn the specs into bullet points for an easy read.

wrap up

Just like when you enter a physical store and you need someone to guide you about buying a specific item, your online customers need to be guided as well. If the salesperson is good with words, the customer is more likely to purchase from a store. Your product’s description is your online salesperson. Pay attention to this aspect of your shop and win your customers’ hearts once and for good.

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