Best 4 Product Description Apps on Shopify

Ever thought of having a product description app as your assistant on Shopify?

Running a business can be complex, overwhelming, or challenging. Sometimes, it might get out of hand, trying to fit every piece together, find the correct answer to all dilemmas, and stably handle a team at all costs.

As a shop owner, winning customers is highly dependent on how you present your product, and we can all agree that it all begins and ends with product descriptions!

In addition to making a website look professional, product descriptions help customers make informed purchasing decisions. Introducing a product cannot rely only on a picture and a price. Through a creative, informative, and unique description, your audience can connect with your service on a natural level.

How Can Product Description Apps Help Your Business?

Creating descriptions for all the products on your Shopify store is time-consuming for you as a busy member of the business. So, why not count on a much easier, faster, and cooler tool? In general, the best product description apps on Shopify:

    1. Save your time: You won’t have to spend lots of time gathering words and editing styles to create something that accurately describes your product and is charming and fun.
    2. Help you with marketing: Digital tools are better with digital parameters. Product description apps are here to make better SEO elements and better appearance in search engines.
    3. Reduce your expenses: You no longer need to hire a copywriter, SEO specialist, or content manager! The product description apps are here to do the job at a much lower cost.

Today, we have rounded up the four best description apps for Shopify in this article; stay with us!

Which Apps Are the Best?

Today, we’ve gone through many apps’ features and reviews to figure out the bests of bests:

1. RightCopy

RightCopy is the best product description app on Shopify

With all the above in mind, imagine a product description app on Shopify that not only helps you with your descriptions but writes them for you! Unbelievable, right? Well, that’s what you should install RightCopy for; think of it as an all-in-one package!

Collected from product descriptions of thousands of top Shopify stores, RightCopy has an artificial intelligence language model that will provide you with 3 different descriptions for each of your products! RightCopy is a fast and accessible copywriter for combining your product’s picture, type, and title with its vast and up-to-date knowledge base.

List of features:

    • AI-powered copywriting
    • Product filters
    • 3 different descriptions for every product
    • SEO friendly
    • Regenerate options
    • Bulk descriptions
    • Add or replace descriptions
    • Shopify extension
    • Support service contribution

Finding the proper app to fit your needs can sometimes seem impossible. Take your time, explore the apps and features, and choose the one(s) that look like they can help you!

2. Toggle Description

Having a long passage of product descriptions makes it hard for customers to follow through. It might even bore them and make them leave the product page before thoroughly checking the product!

By adding customizable show more and show less links to a text which exceeds a specific word length or character limit, Toggle Description helps you manage the appearance of long text on your site. Once links are clicked, the text is expanded or collapsed depending on the user’s preference.

List of features:

    • Easy to work with
    • Works with product descriptions, collection pages, home pages, etc.
    • Allows setting a word/character limit
    • Allows choosing between mobile and desktop devices
    • Customization for link

3. Advanced Product Descriptions

Product descriptions can include different information; details about products, variants’ and size charts. If all this information is separated into different sections, it would be much easier to navigate!n

Using Advanced Product Descriptions, you can create unlimited accordion tabs to fully manage the information you put on a product description for an improved user experience. Sections can be used for shipping info, size guides, materials, etc. Several tabs can be found for a single product, and each tab can be easily customized or moved around.

List of features:

    • Unlimited tabs
    • SEO friendly
    • Customizable sections
    • Allows uploading pictures
    • Magic line/button/IOS style switchers
    • Compatible with different Shopify themes

4. Product Description Icons

However informative your product description is, you can always make it better with a better design; don’t you agree?

The market is getting pretty tense and competitive day by day. Why don’t we look for Shopify apps that make our products stand out?

With a library of 100,000+ licensed icons, this app highlights different parts of your product description by adding a feature icon alongside your captions; cute, isn’t it?

Icons help buyers figure out the most important features of your product; a significant characteristic will hardly go unnoticed. In addition to a better user experience, icons will bring your shop a more robust aesthetic and UX design!

List of features:

    • Various icons, all licensed
    • Color, size, border customization
    • Changeable positions for highlights
    • Highlight display rules
    • Allows real-time data (such as inventory and stock numbers)
    • Allows links, locations, and banners


Here we introduced four proper Shopify apps that help you generate good product descriptions and let your customers know your products better. These apps will help you boost your sales, increase your conversion rate, and build your eCommerce reputation. Which one do you think is a better one?

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