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General Questions:

What is ReStock?

ReStock is an application on the Shopify app store that sends back in stock notifications for Shopify stores. ReStock sends web push notifications and Emails that help your shop with lost sales. Sold out products are a big deal in a customer’s journey. ReStock helps you notify your customers to finalize purchases. The main goal of ReStock is to notifying customers about an out of stock product, So they can purchase what they’ve been looking for.

How to Work with ReStock?

What is the "Back in Stock" Service?

What is Back in Stock Email?

I'm looking for a sold out app which can be used on individual sizes on my website, rather than entire products. Can I do this with your app without changing the code?

What is the ReStock privacy policy?

Technical Questions:

How to disable push notifications and just use email notifications?

You just need to disable the “push notification” section in “Notification Settings”. Then the browser dialog will not be shown to your users.

Does ReStock support "back in stock" service on different variants?

When you send a Back-in-Stock notification?

How much time does it take that my customer receive your notifications?

When someone requests to be contacted by a restock, am I able to see what products are requested?

Do I need to link some sort of email marketing for your app to work?

How do I get my logo to be added to the email please?


I can not spot NOTIFY ME button on my not-in-stock product pages.

There are several possibility for this issue:

First maybe you should disable continue selling:

First of all, know that it may happen because of using other apps or services that let you continue selling and so there is no not-in-stock product and you cannot use any back-in-stock service.

In other words, it is related to this setting in your products:

1. Go to one of your products page (without variant). you will see this setting. The highlighted checkbox must be unmarked.

2. Then you open a product setting with some variants. On this product, you can’t see the above setting! There is no checkbox to unmark! First, you should remove all variants and save your edits. Then the above setting will appear! Un-mark the checkbox, save it, and then add your variants.

Now you should be able to see some sold-out variants on the product page when the inventory is set to 0. And then our button will be there with you to help and gather requests.

Second, we can’t show a button on an invisible page!

You should make the sold-out variant visible so that your shop visitor can see it, then we will add a button on the page, and then s/he can press the button and get notified. In other words (your current settings), no one can imagine the sold-out variants. How can they know about it?

If none of the above solutions works for you, please contact us.

I can’t see the web-push notifications in Safari browser. Why did it happen?

The Notify Button seems to be not in the right place, what should I do?

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