The 13-Step Guide to Customer Experience Transformation

Subscription brands must pay attention to their customers’ experience
Subscription brands must pay attention to their customers’ experience

What is the customer experience transformation?
It’s a process of changing the way businesses interact with their customers to provide a superior level of service and satisfaction. It involves understanding customer needs and expectations, developing new strategies to meet them, and implementing those strategies. 

The point is, although providing a quality product is important, it is also equally important to build the customer experience.
(Don’t only crave the arrival, appreciate the trail!)

What does it have to do with the subscription brands?
Today, subscription brands are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, as they offer convenience and value. But…in order to remain competitive, subscription brands NEED to continually strive to enhance their customer experience transformation.

What can be done to improve the customer experience within your subscription brand? What makes subscription models great for enhancing the customer experience? Which practices can help you achieve your goals with customers?

These are the questions we’re going to be answering today; continue reading to learn more!

How Can Subscription Models Affect the Customer Experience?

With discounts and flexibility, subscription offers can be a great choice for customers
With discounts and flexibility, subscription offers can be a great choice for customers

Are you wondering how does the customer journey work with your subscription brand?

Great news! Here are four reasons why subscription models have an excellent potential for the best customer experience transformation:

1. Flexibility: 
Subscription models allow customers to purchase products and services on their own terms. This means customers can choose the duration, frequency, and payment structure that works best for their budget and needs. This type of flexibility can lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Cost Savings:
Subscription models often provide customers with cost savings because they can purchase multiple products or services at a discounted rate. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that offer multiple products or services, as customers can choose to purchase a bundle of products or services at a reduced price.

3. Increased Engagement:
Subscription models can help businesses stay in touch with their customers more frequently. By providing customers with regular updates and engaging content, businesses can keep their customers informed and engaged.

4. Improved Customer Loyalty: 
Subscription models are the best loyalty programs. Basically, customers who use subscription models are more likely to remain loyal to a business. This is because the customer is more invested in the business, as they have made a financial commitment to the business. This can lead to increased customer involvement, which makes it a great opportunity for creating the best customer experience transformation (because you have several repeat customers over time).

The advantage of being a subscription brand is that you have a long relationship with your customers. For your community to grow and maintain that relationship, you need to understand what your customers are going through from their perspective. Is the customer experience comfortable? Is it user-friendly? Is it cost-saving? Qualified? Personalized?

Having many subscribers is important, but having many happy subscribers is even more important. Don’t you think?

13 Best Practices of Customer Experience Transformation

It’s important to study the subscribers’ needs and take actions accordingly
It’s important to study the subscribers’ needs and take action accordingly

By providing a seamless, personalized, and memorable customer experience, subscription brands can set themselves apart from the competition and make their subscription offering truly unique.

Here are 13 practices of customer experience transformation that will make your subscription brand stand out:

1. Understand Your Customers
Knowing your customers is the first step to providing an exceptional customer experience. Understand their needs and expectations, identify their pain points, and develop strategies to address them.

2. Be Proactive
Develop strategies to anticipate customer needs and provide solutions before they become problems. This could include proactively responding to customer inquiries, offering personalized service, or creating a loyalty program.

Here at Subify, for instance, the customer success managers will check the subscription widgets as soon as they appear, and come up with a personalized suggested customization offer for each user!

3. Focus on personalization
Make sure that all customer interactions are tailored to their individual needs and preferences. This could include personalized content, product recommendations, and discounts based on their usage history.

Personalized experiences make happier customers
Personalized experiences make happier customers

4. Invest in customer service
Investing in customer service is essential to creating a positive customer experience transformation. It’s important to ensure that your customer service team is knowledgeable and can answer customer inquiries in a timely manner. That’s why Subify has gathered a team of experts who can be your support agents at any hour of the day!

5. Offer clear value
Subscription customers should know exactly what they’re getting in return for their subscription. Ensure that the subscription offers clear value and that customers know precisely what they’re paying for. Are you only offering pre-payments? Make sure to mention it. Have you set a specific delivery date (e.g. Mondays, each week) with Subify? Then it must be as clear as daylight!

6. Make the signup process smooth
Making the signup process as simple and intuitive as possible helps customers feel comfortable engaging with your brand. You’re going to need a well-designed signup widget that collects the right information and makes the process as easy as possible.

Use a functional widget for collecting subscription orders
Use a functional widget for collecting subscription orders

7. Streamline billing and payment
Making sure customers can easily understand their billing information and how payments are processed is essential to enhancing the customer experience transformation. You must use a reliable payment processor to ensure secure payments and make sure customers have a clear view of their payment history. 

Did you know, not only does Subify manage payments, it will also create a customer portal for each subscriber, so that they have complete visibility over their purchases? So no worries there.

8. Make canceling easy
Allow customers to easily cancel their subscription at any time, without any hassle or hidden fees. This will ensure that customers feel respected and appreciated.

You can easily set the cancellation permissions through your Subify dashboard, and the best part is that you can always get a consultation from our team if you’re unsure.

9. Offer flexible subscription plans
Offering flexible subscription plans can help customers find the plan that best fits their needs and budget.

Allow customers to choose from multiple pricing tiers, and make sure to include discounts and prepay options to make your offers more appealing. 

10. Use data to inform decisions
Collect data on customer behavior and preferences to better understand what they are looking for in a subscription service. Use this data to make improvements and provide better experiences. The best customer experience transformations for your brand come from the data you extract from your own community of shoppers. 

Making data-driven decisions is part of a successful customer experience transformation
Making data-driven decisions is part of a successful customer experience transformation

11. Keep customers informed
Provide customers with updates on new products and services, discounts, and other offers. This will keep them engaged and show them that you are dedicated to having them around.

    • Send regular emails. Keep your customers informed about new product launches, special offers and discounts, upcoming events, and promotions.
    • Leverage social media. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to keep your customers informed about your brand and what’s new.
    • Get personal. Use personalized emails with customer segmentation to send out relevant content to specific target audiences. You can easily run your email marketing campaigns using Subify triggers and Shopify tools. 
    • Host webinars and live streams. Webinars and live streams are quick and easy ways to keep your customers informed and engaged with your brand.
    • Use newsletters. Create newsletters to keep your customers informed of new products, promotions, and other updates.
    • Use SMS messages. Send out Shopify SMS notifications to your customers with updates and promotions.

12. Listen to Your Customers
Customer feedback is an essential part of running a subscription business. It allows you to identify areas for improvement, understand customer preferences, and develop strategies to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. By paying attention to customer feedback, subscription businesses can better understand their customers, tailor their services to meet the needs of their target audience, build better relationships with their customers, and plan for the best customer experience transformations.

13. Offer rewards and incentives
And last but not least: give customers a reason to stay with your subscription brand by offering rewards and incentives. This could include discounts, freebies, or exclusive access to content.

Birchbox: a Customer-Oriented Subscription Brand

As a subscription brand, BirchBox is a successful case of customer experience transformation
As a subscription brand, BirchBox is a successful case of customer experience transformation

Birchbox was founded in 2010 with the mission of making beauty and lifestyle products more accessible to consumers. With the help of their customer experience transformation practices, Birchbox now has become an industry leader. 

After launching in 2010, Birchbox now has over 1 million subscribers and over 10 million monthly active users. Their customer retention rate is also impressive, with 85% of customers staying with the service after one year! 

We’re curious though…how did they do it?
Let’s see:

  1. Birchbox offers a personalized, tailored experience to each customer, based on their individual preferences.
  2. Birchbox offers a “try before you buy” approach to customers, allowing them to sample products before committing to purchasing them.
  3. Birchbox offers an easy and efficient subscription process, with no long-term contracts or commitments.
  4. Birchbox delivers a box of surprises every month, filled with five beauty and lifestyle products carefully chosen for the customer.
  5. Birchbox provides customers with a rewards program, allowing them to earn points for their purchases and receive special discounts.
  6. Birchbox offers free shipping and returns on all orders, creating a worry-free shopping environment.
  7. Birchbox sends customers a personalized welcome box, filled with treats and surprises when they first join.
  8. Birchbox allows customers to shop online or in stores, providing a convenient shopping experience.
  9. Birchbox provides customers with a curated selection of products, ensuring they receive the best quality items.
  10. Birchbox offers a wide range of beauty and lifestyle products, from leading brands, to meet the needs of all customers.

Could they make it any more delightful for the customer?

Overall, Birchbox has seen great success in their customer experience transformation, and it’s all thanks to their focus on the customers’ needs. By offering personalized recommendations, rewards, and an easy-to-use online store, Birchbox has been successful at keeping their customers happy and satisfied, and the satisfaction has surely paid off. 

We believe that you can make the same records with your business (or even better!). 

Final Words

The subscription model is taking over, and brands must be willing to constantly evolve in order to stay ahead of the game. To do this, they must incorporate customer experience transformation through various practices in order to stay in tune with customer feedback and service trends.

Choosing to read this article means you’re already in the game, caring about your customers, and ready to build a relationship.
There is no way around it: e-commerce businesses evolve around people, and reaching success is all about taking care of them.
Take the steps mentioned above, and we’re more than certain that you’re in for a win in a short time. 

Do you need help getting started? Try Subify right now and let’s get the engine running!

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