How to write Bulk descriptions for your Shopify products?

RightCopy: Bulk description generator for All of Your Products, in No Time!

Running a business comes with lots of tasks and obstacles. You’ve got to be sharp, quick, and capable of handling multiple issues at once; preparing product descriptions is one of them.

According to Salsify’s “Cracking the Consumer Code” report, 87% of consumers have announced product descriptions as one of the most important factors in their shopping decisions.

But what if writing doesn’t come easy to you? What if you’re full-on staff? If you have too many tasks to handle, do you have time to take care of each product too?

Well…Bulk Product Descriptions are here to help you with all that.

What Does Bulk Description Mean?

If you search bulk description in the Shopify app store, you’ll find hundreds of different apps to perform a specific action on a mass scale. The term refers to actions or items in large quantities. Having bulk descriptions means having descriptions for a mass number of your products; sounds amazing, right?

Why Would I Need Bulk Descriptions?

Even before COVID-19 struck, people were shopping online; however, the pandemic has doubtlessly taken the online market to the next level! In a nutshell:

    • It is estimated that eCommerce has benefited by an additional $218.53 billion in the two years following the pandemic.
    • It has been expected that there will be a $5.5 trillion sales number for global eCommerce in 2022.

People are now used to online shopping. It’s fast, easy, and diverse. So, don’t be afraid to expand your online business or start a new one.

According to Shopify, there is no limit to the number of products that can be sold. Shop owners are allowed to add as many products as they want, and we know well that there are many business branches capable of having hundreds and thousands of products coming each month. So…why not you? 

As a member of the business family, we understand that with numerous stocks on hand, it must be exhausting to think of tasks such as preparing a practical, informative, and pleasant description for every product. That’s why, here at RightCopy, we’ve developed bulk descriptions to make your life easier!

What Makes RightCopy Bulk Descriptions Special?

RightCopy uses a Natural Language Processing (NLP) model. Our model is built from thousands of product descriptions from top Shopify stores to provide you with high-quality content, but that’s not all!

    • It’s Better Than Hiring Copywriters: Hiring a copywriter is one of your options. By looking at platforms such as Linkedin or Fiverr, we can all find copywriters who accept writing product descriptions for their projects. Let’s take a look at one of these copywriting ads:

An average product description is about 50 words. With a bit of math, hiring this copywriter is going to cost $80 for each product description. However…with RightCopy Bulk Descriptions, for the first 100 descriptions, every description will cost 5 cents. For more than 100, it comes to 3 cents, and so on. It’s a pretty big difference, isn’t it?

    • It’s Different from the Other Copywriting Apps: Shopify offers a variety of apps that focus on different components of product descriptions. And, of course, there are copywriting apps too.

What makes RightCopy unique? Unlike the copywriting app, we do not work individually on separate products through staff and team members. RightCopy owns an artificial intelligence system that will create the product description based on a big database. (I know, it’s really cool!)

Let’s take a look at two of these apps together:

    • Content Sumo: After discussing the product features and word counts with the Content Sumo team, your product descriptions will be ready within 3 days, and according to the pricing on their app listing, you’re gonna have to pay $9.95 for each 50-75 Words.
    • Product Description Writer SEO: After selecting the products and providing three keywords for each, PDWS will deliver your product descriptions within 7 to 15 days, based on your products. And by looking at their pricing table, it seems that each average 50-word product will cost about $4.2. n

So in a brief comparison, it’s actually obvious that the RightCopy Bulk Descriptions tool:

    • Is Cheaper:
      RightCopy offers a degressive pricing plan, which means the more your products have, the less you pay! Take a look at this pricing table:
    • Is Faster:
      Your product descriptions won’t take a week! RightCopy Bulk Descriptions will be ready to go within a few hours. It’s a real-time-saver, and that’s especially important to Shopify stores that have products come and go on a daily/weekly basis and can’t wait about 15 days to receive their descriptions.
    • Is Much More Independent:
      RightCopy’s artificial intelligence uses a database + the product type, picture, and tags. You won’t have to worry about being in touch with a team of copywriters to talk about each and every one of your products.
    • Is…Bulk!:
      You can have descriptions for all your products with a few clicks and within a few hours. And with the degressive pricing plan, you don’t have to worry about prices either!n

How Does It Work?

It starts by going to the Bulk Generator section of your app panel and clicking on Buy Bulk. The generator will give you an estimated time, and you will be notified when the process of producing bulk descriptions is over.

Not only that but also, after the preparation and publishing, you’ll have the option of selecting whether you want to replace the description with your previous ones or simply add them to the end of every description.

Shortly after clicking on Publish on Store, your descriptions will be ready on your website. Also…our little Rico robot will be with you the whole time. 

RightCopy is here today to provide you with a bulk generator tool that can create SEO-friendly descriptions for all your products simultaneously


A busy e-commerce business can make it hard to dedicate time and effort to write all the product descriptions for your Shopify store. Copywriter staff and apps can cause high expenses and take too long to be ready. Because we are all members of the same family, we’ve carefully researched the obstacles and the merchants’ requirements. 

RightCopy is here today to provide you with a bulk generator tool that can create SEO-friendly descriptions for all your products simultaneously. Install the app, explore the feature, and try it on; it’s time to fly!

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