Announcing new Essential and Pro plans, improvements and pricing adjustments

We are raising prices for the first time for our previous Essential and Pro Plan customers for our app (Notify me! Back in stock Shopify app). Beginning June 1, 2023 or later, Our Essential Plan users will be charged $19.9 monthly for our Essential Plan. Pro plan users will also be $39.9 per month.

Any paying customers who’ve used our app, including any currently paying customers who used our app on the Essentials or Pro plan at any point over the last 2 years, will stay at the old monthly price until May 30, 2023 or later and after that, they need to choose their new plan in order to continue using our Shopify app.

We also have the option to pay annually, rather than monthly, which we hope most customers will choose to switch to. Annual plans are available today and discounted from the new monthly rate to $191 per year for the Essentials Plan or $383 per year for the Pro Plan (the equivalent of $15.9 per month, saving $40 per year on the pro plan and $383 per year for $31.9 per month). In other words, if you choose to pay annually for Notify me! you can lock in our old monthly prices.

After not raising prices for our previous customers for 2 years, this was something we thought carefully about before deciding to do. While we have over 2 years of feature development and 24/7 support and innovation under our belts, what may not be intuitive is that our goal is not to increase revenue from this change. We need to invest upfront in building out new features to increase order rates for Out-of-stock products, and the main reason we’re making this change is to more closely map our business with the timing of our underlying costs.

Doing so will enable us to accelerate further our support, building, and pace of useful tools for eCommerce stores— which all of our customers will benefit from.

What can you expect?


    • You can still use our app with the current pricing scheme until May 1st

    • After that, you won’t have access to your dashboard until you choose a plan

    • To ease this unfortunate price hike, we are offering limited customers a discount for .

    • The other plans including “Premium” and “Enterprise” will remain at the same price and can offer a greater variety of tools to increase conversion.

    • 24/7 Support is included now in your Essentials plan to let you do more with a helping hand.

  • If you plan to leave our app, you can request a complete export of data so you can migrate

New price, better product

We are excited to share that we have launched new exciting tools to ensure no sale is lost. This enables our customers to take advantage of higher open rates, and improved order rates, and provide better services to their customers.

Increasing revenue at a fraction of the price is our top priority and we will ensure all of our customers can make a >10 ROI from using our app. We will offer complimentary functionalities such as resending notifications, Pre-order integrations and more on our plans.

Our price adjustments are in line with the current global inflationary challenges. We are committed to delivering on our mission to provide our customers with best-in-class products and customer experience.

Our price adjustments are primarily a result of the current market forces that also affect us. However, we are committed to increasing the product value for our customers. Therefore, we want to take steps to increase the level of service, upgrade existing plans and strive for best-in-class service value.

Finally, I wanted to mention that something isn’t changing: our Free Plan. It will still be free. It will still have all the features it has today. And we’re still committed to, over time, helping small eCommerce stores start their journey.

New Essential Plan

Effective June 1st or later
$ 19 Monthly
  • 300 Notifications/Mo
  • Email/Push/SMS Channels
  • Unlimited back in Stock requests
  • Matches with your theme
  • Fully customizable (color, size, text)
New Pricing

New Pro Plan

Effective June 1st or later
$ 39 Monthly
  • 3000 Notifications/Mo
  • Email/Push/SMS Channels
  • Collection/Homepage Integration
  • Email domain verification
  • Unlimited back in Stock requests
New Pricing

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